Fear of Needles the Simple Solution

I will be shortly creating a new hypnotherapy audio that will help with the fear of needles. When it goes live it will be on special offer for a short time. Check back to find out more. For more information on hypnotherapy see Dublin Hypnosis Dun Laoghaire

We all know that a simple sterile needle can’t really hurt us but for many it becomes a terrifying experience that you can’t really explain. Others who see this may even think its funny because they don’t understand. Its similar to people who afraid of non venomous spiders, or who cant use lifts/elevators. There are many such fears some with very strange names.

If you have fear of needles think about someone with a fear you don’t understand or you may find stupid. It all stems from the same area and as humans its normal to have fears and at times lack of understanding.

So this means that your mind is doing its best to protect you but it’s seeing a common needle as danger and it must protect you no matter what. Your conscious mind has logic and rational thinking but it’s your sub conscious where the fear is coming from. Your sub conscious has no logic so trying to reason this out doesn’t work. In your sub conscious you will find feelings, habits, beliefs and a protector.

Remove the Fear of Needles

How does hypnosis remove the fear of needles? In hypnosis we quiet the conscious mind and access the sub conscious mind. If you see a hypnotherapist in person they may regress you to find the initial cause of the fear and desensitize it along with some secondary events.

Or they may break the connection which has bee created and use direct suggestion. If you use an audio you must never use it while driving or using machinery and only use it when safe to do so. If used properly hypnosis audios can be great for may issues but you need to follow the simple instructions.

When they ask you to take deep breaths take them. When they say imagine then imagine and when they say pretend, pretend. The sub conscious has no logic, it can’t as that’s not its roll, so go with the process. For more information on hypnosis see Dublin Hypnosis Dun Laoghaire.