Christmas stress with COVID and Family

Surviving Christmas Stress with the family

We all know Christmas time can be a stressful time even when everything is going well and let’s face it things have not gone well this year. No matter what side you come down on. If you think the governments reaction is overkill or they have not done enough. The damage that has been done is real and the economic affects will be with us for many years to come.

Many people have lost their jobs in the short turn and many more will not be returning to the same job. Some industries will take years to recover and we have already seen some companies closing their doors for good. For those who have lost someone hopefully you will remember the fun times rather than the end. Grief is natural and normal, and we need to go through it.

For many people the thoughts of being stuck with their family is not a pleasant one. First of all, we generally don’t like the feeling that we have to do something, it feels like control has been taken away. Second there may be issues bubbling under the surface for years if not decades.

Family Tension at Christmas

Unresolved issues in families is nothing new but small issues over time have destroyed families. I have worked with family members where a misunderstanding caused them not to speak for years. Remember wires do get crossed and remember just because something is important to you nobody else may care. Just like you not caring or thinking something is silly that is so important to someone else.

We are all different and we see things differently and the meaning we give that will shape how we view people and things around us. Since we all do this, the world looks slightly or completely different from person to person. Its not personal we are simply different.

So, if a relation starts questioning your life choices or it would be better to cook something a different way and everything in between, its not important. They are just giving voice to what is in their head and it will not be here for too much longer. If you are happy with it, it does not matter what someone else thinks.

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