Coping with stress

Coping with stress in this crazy world

When it all seems too much and the world seems to weigh us down, what do we do? What are the best ways for coping with stress?

Its easy to say just change how you think. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and see the world change. Ok that’s just an exaggerated and over simplified view. BUT unfortunately its being peddled by lots of people.

coping with stress

First look at recent events, we are dealing with covid 19 for over 2 years and it is still here. As we started to get a handle on that there is military tension in Europe. It seems that we are being bombarded with doom and gloom messages all the time.

Now depending on your age we could examine the last 20, 40, 60 or 80 years. What you will find if you look at the real history and not some revisionist version is that there has always been strife. Weather it is in the shape of war, political unrest or famine there are genuine problems faced by each generation. if you need to speak to someone about a rape you could try the Rape Crisis Centre.

This is not meant to add to your stress but rather show you a larger view. The only thing that is new is the ability to bombard you 24/7 with negative news. I do say negative news and if your interested there have been many studies in to why good news doesn’t sell.

So imagine walking down the street and seeing someone with a big happy grin on their face and a bounce in their step, do you have a positive or negative opinion about them? A lot of people would think of words like fool, idiot or maybe they are simple.

But if you look depressed, rushing around in a bad mood that would be normal for many people. A bad method for coping with stress.

If you could see their thoughts it would be the same, one with a positive mindset, believing that the best result will come from events. Or, a negative mindset, where you believe the worst possible outcome will unfold from any situation. If something did work out it would be a fluke and it is only a matter of time before the other shoe drops.

Which would be normal for you? If your looking for ways to deal with stress I would assume the negative view point. This is what we mean about changing your mindset. I will talk more about the programs in your mind and how we work to change them in the next post. For now know that it can be done and you can feel a lot better.

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