Find ways to deal with stress

How to find ways to deal with stress

As you can see from the last post “Coping with stress” the problems in the world are nothing new. The ability to be bombarded with negative news 24/7 is the only new element. So we will always need to find ways to deal with stress.

We all know logically if you leave out some details and over hype or over play other information we can easily distort the reality of the situation. Now take this one step further, we all have opinions that we believe are true.

So when you hear information you will judge it from what you already believe to be true. As humans we will readily accept information that matches what we believe and disregard information that takes a conflicting point of view.

We often judge someone’s intelligence based on how well their opinions match ours. Its also easy to see how situations can become stressful when we deal with other people. Since we will always have to interact with other people we will always need to find ways to deal with stress.

Now if you look at the words truth and beliefs what do we see. All truths are beliefs but not all beliefs are truths. If you believe something to be true, can you prove it and then can this be replicated by other people? Then it’s generally true!

Find ways for coping with stress

Programs for stress

If you cant prove it and others can’t prove it it’s a belief. If you go to the next step. Is there evidence to prove your belief is false? Would you except the new information or would you argue and still choose to believe what you cant prove.

Now if you were truthful with yourself, how many beliefs do you hold that are holding you back? These are the aspects of your thinking that need to change so your life can improve.

Theses patterns or ways of thinking I call programs. With hypnosis these patterns can rapidly change. So when you’re looking to find ways to deal with stress, hypnosis may be for you.

In the next post I will talk more about programs and how we can change them. Remove some of the negative ones and install some positive programs.

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