Remove Depression Dun Laoghaire

Remove Depression in the Dun Laoghaire Area

Remove Depression Dun Laoghaire! Depression knows no boundaries, class systems, race or gender and seems to be on the increase affecting people of a much younger age. So In other words if your human you can be affected by depression. The good news is you can get help to greatly reduce or remove your depression. Call to find out More!

Remove Depression Dun Laoghaire

I’m a clinical hypnotherapist working from the Dun Laoghaire wellness centre helping people remove depression Dun Laoghaire, Killiney, Dalkey, Cornelscourt, Foxrock and Carrickmines area. We see may types of people with varying types of depression, some who have struggled for years and even decades.

What to Expect in Hypnotherapy Sessions

If you come to see me it will start with a consultation meeting where we will talk for 45 – 60 minutes. I will collect the information I need to help you and I can explain why you feel the way you do and reassure you of how I can help you remove depression.

The next meeting will be the first therapeutic session and will be the longest and will take about 2 hours. Under hypnosis we will find the initial cause and desensitize it along with secondary triggers. We also do anger release and forgiveness which I would recommend anybody to have as it sets you free from so much and it feels like weights have been lifted from your shoulders.

The second session is 90 minutes followed by the remaining sessions which are appropriately 60 minutes each and depending on the cause or causes you are generally talking between 4 – 6 therapeutic sessions. You pay for each session on paid on the day, there is no need to pay sessions in advance. The way we work is simple, if your not happy then you don’t come back. We are fully trained and we deliver so we don’t need your money in advance.

Remove Depression Session Breakdown


4 – 6 Therapeutic sessions

First session 2 hours

Second session 90 minutes

Remaining sessions 1 hour

The reason why we can work so fast is because we work with the subconscious mind. Most therapies work with the conscious mind while trying to make the change in the subconscious mind. We bypass the conscious mind using hypnosis and work with the subconscious mind so we can help to make changes rapidly.

If you have any questions or any concerns we are happy to answer them. Feel free to browse the other posts, a good place to start is our home page, Dun Laoghaire Hypnosis.