Panic Attacks Dublin Dun Laoghaire

Panic attacks from Stress, Depression or Anxiety?

Panic Attacks Dublin Dun Laoghaire. When people contact me they are often confused with what they have and sometimes in denial and they just call it stress.

Panic Attacks Dublin Dun Laoghaire

Now if I wanted to I could copy and paste the definitions of the conditions because I’m really sure that will help!

The definitions can cause some of the problem when trying to define what it is your going through. There is so much over lap between some conditions and when we try to describe feelings or emotions it complicates things.

The simple reason is that your going to describe your feelings differently than somebody else. Try to describe a feeling or emotion without using another emotion or feeling to describe it. Please do it! Take your time I’m not going anywhere.

If you have tried it them you will begin to understand how hard it is to describe a feeling. Everybody will describe it a bit differently and where does this fall in the condition or is it in the overlap?

Remove Panic Attacks

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Can you get a panic attack from depression, yes. Can you get a panic attack from anxiety, yes. I could continue doing variations of that but if you are intelligent enough to have got to this point you understand what I’m getting at.

I’ve seen clients that have told me they spent years thinking about getting help and doing research on it before coming to see me.

Ask yourself the question, does it matter which one it is at this moment in time? If you need help then get some help. The important thing to do is to make that phone call and make an appointment.

I had a lady come to me because she was afraid of heights and wanted help with an upcoming event. After talking to her and during the first therapeutic session the direction changed and it turned out to be a fear of letting people down.

This stemmed from her childhood with strict parents that she could never do right by. Add to this she was a lesbian who never got to tell her parents before they died, plus one or two other things.

I have kept that general for an obvious reason. The point is she never felt good enough and still judged herself.

With months to go to the event she was stressed, had anxiety and full blown panic attacks over it. She believed she was afraid of heights but it was a fear of letting her friend and partner down because in her mind she wasn’t good enough.

Panic Attacks Dublin Dun Laoghaire

When we worked on her real problem never mentioning heights that fear and others disappeared. You may believe you know why you have a condition. From our experience its generally just one of the first episodes like a panic attack.

That first panic attack is not the problem its the events that lead to it that we need to address. Depending on your age that may go back decades.

If you think its just stress why not try our Guided Relaxation through Hypnosis.

I’m located in Dublin Ireland but you could reading this in a different country. Spend an hour and look up a few people up. Read a few reviews and make an appointment.

I wish you the very best
Michael Molloy

If you are looking for someone to talk to after a sexual assault try the Irish rape crisis network.