How to Relieve Stress – Relaxation Offer

50% off Relaxation Session

We are running a half price offer at the moment on a full hour relaxation session. Call Now to make an appointment! This is a full hypnotherapy session, not a taster or some fluff.

When you come in we will have a quick chat where I will answer any and all questions to remove any worries you may have on hypnosis. I will then gently bring you into a lovely state of hypnosis where you will feel so relaxed and at peace.

While you’re feeling relaxed and at peace we start the therapy and help you to reduce your stress and increase your relaxation. We help you to see the challenges in the world somewhat differently so they don’t affect you as much or if all depending on what they are.

Have you ever wondered why something affects you while others aren’t even aware of any difficultly? Maybe the reverse is true for you as well?

Stress is normal and natural but when we allow it to take over it can have catastrophic effects on our mental and physical health. Isn’t it time to let go of some of it and move on with your life without that weight on your shoulders?

Maybe you have thought of hypnosis before but you had some doubts or listened to people who in all truth probably have no idea what their talking about. Wouldn’t this be a great way to see if this would suit you with a 50% off offer on a relaxation session?

Even if your problems are more series this would be a great way to find out what hypnosis is and if it is right for you.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is 100% safe! It’s about giving you back control and you will not be asleep! You will be in control of what you do and what you say and with a simple thought you can bring yourself out of hypnosis. Call Now for an appointment.

Have you ever gone for a massage to be told you hold your holding stress in certain muscles? It has been proven many times that when we have a thought it has a corresponding physical affect. So if you’re feeling stressed it will have a physical affect so with that in mind wouldn’t it be better to learn to deal with stress so it has a minimum affect.

If you have regular massages or practice yoga or any other similar program just think of the level you could reach if you went without the level of stress you have now? Life is to be lived and enjoyed but for far too many of us, it’s just endured.