Claustrophobia The fear of being confined

Is Claustrophobia the fear of small spaces?

Well I suffered with claustrophobia for several years and it’s not the way I would explain it. Say for example you get in a lift and it’s packed, full capacity 12 people and you hardly can move. Now imagine it gets stuck and it’s so difficult to get your coat of because it is so hot. It’s not difficult to see how that could cause a panic attack if you suffered from claustrophobia.

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Now imagine getting into the same lift but its empty. There is room for another eleven people while you’re standing there. You press the button and the doors close, now you can’t get out till it reaches its destination. For many this can cause a panic attack but you have space to move around.

So imagine going into a shopping centre or mall on a busy day. You start to look around for the exits, just in case you need them. It’s all going well and you’re being brave until the lights are too bright, your breath catches and panic hits you.

You need to get out, you won’t make it but there’s a toilet. You rush in, your taking back control, you can stay in the cubical for as long as you need. You can splash water on the back of your neck and when you’re ready you can walk at speed from the shop.

Strange thing is that the toilet was much smaller than the shop and the open area of the shopping centre, but you could control it!

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So let’s take it a bit further…

Some idiot has bought you and your partner a trip down a cave walk. You can walk upright the whole time; you enter one cave entrance and emerge from another cave entrance. As you walk down you look back at the entrance and step by step you’re further from the entrance till it’s gone.

It’s worse, there is only room for single file traffic and there is a que of people behind you.

If you think about these examples you will see there is a perceived loss of control. I know yours may not be the same but think about it. I drove for a living decades ago and I had to give the job. It cost me so many things, friends and even a will to live. I’ve been there and know how it feels!

This is one of the reason why I got into hypnotherapy and if I only knew then what I know now I would have saved myself years of misery.

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