Fear of Being Alone

Autophobia is the fear of being alone

This fear is the fear of being alone but for some they may be surrounded by people and feel alone. Most of us have felt that at some stage! Add to this that there is so much cross over into other fears and phobias that many people can’t pinpoint what is wrong with them.

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If you look it up you may get different names for it like isolophobia, or eremophobia. Monophobia is another one and when you look for definitions things become clouded.

So the best way is not to get bogged down with names and stick to the feelings.

For some they are physical alone, no friends, partners or close family. This group can often focus on the worst case scenario thinking. For example, I will always be alone and I’ll die alone.

As you can imagine this become a cycle of think that is hard to come out off. For others they may have people all around them and they just feel alone, isolated, unappreciated and unloved.

As I have said before it all comes down to our own perception of the world around us. If we perceive that no one loves us and all our hard work is unappreciated then that is what we see. It doesn’t matter if in reality that is not true it is the individual’s perception of events.

Like some other fears and phobias this can have nock on affects. If you feel this way you may find it hard to join in with groups. You then reduce your circle until you’re stuck at home with a fear of going out, (agoraphobia).

You may experience panic attacks while at home or when out at work or in public. It can destroy years of your life if you don’t get help.

One of previous clients I worked with exhibiting this fear we were able to go back to his childhood where his parents showed him no love or emotion. This was not perception but just how they were. Your parents are the way they are because of their perception of what has happened to them. Just like you are the way you are because of your perception of what has happened to you.

The good news is this can be changed. If an event has taken place it has happened but how you think about it and the feeling that comes from it can change. I’m located in Ireland, if you have any questions please call or for more information on hypnosis see our home page, Dublin Hypnosis Dun Laoghaire.

If you would be interested but unsure why not try our Guided Relaxation through Hypnosis session so you can experience hypnosis without telling us any personal information. It’s a great way to start and one last thing, if you think nobody cares your wrong because I do!

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