I just want the pain to end

Feeling as if there is no point or just wanting the pain to end!

Speaking for myself and the therapists I know this is all too common. It may manifest in different ways but I have yet to see anyone who can’t be helped.

The more serious side is, “just wanting the pain to end”. Many people who take their own lives may not say or feel that they want to kill themselves but they want the pain to end. They feel emotional pain which can also lead them feeling physical pain. This pain seems to be constant and they are looking for an escape from the pain.

There are many good therapists out there that can help and speaking from a clinical hypnotherapy point of view you may be amazed at how quickly you can see changes if you work with your therapist.

I personally work with men, women and older teens who feel this way. Even if you feel as if you know for a fact that things can’t change I can tell you from personal experience that, that feeling is only generated from your pattern of thinking. The programme in your head is running and until the programme changes you will have the same result or outcome.

In hypnosis we work with you to change this programme in your subconscious and when you change the programme you change the pattern of thinking and the emotions which go with it.

There are many therapists out there but you need to make the first step and reach out to one of them. Search for one in your area and do a little research on them and if you feel comfortable enough make the appointment.

In a later post I will talk about feeling as if there is no point. While it is applicable here it can also branch in directions you may not expect.

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