I just want the pain to end

Feeling as if there is no point or just wanting the pain to end!

Speaking for myself and the therapists I know this is all too common. It may manifest in different ways but I have yet to see anyone who can’t be helped.

The more serious side is, “just wanting the pain to end”. Many people who take their own lives may not say or feel that they want to kill themselves but they want the pain to end. They feel emotional pain which can also lead them feeling physical pain. This pain seems to be constant and they are looking for an escape from the pain.

There are many good therapists out there that can help and speaking from a clinical hypnotherapy point of view you may be amazed at how quickly you can see changes if you work with your therapist.

I personally work with men, women and older teens who feel this way. Even if you feel as if you know for a fact that things can’t change I can tell you from personal experience that, that feeling is only generated from your pattern of thinking. The programme in your head is running and until the programme changes you will have the same result or outcome.

In hypnosis we work with you to change this programme in your subconscious and when you change the programme you change the pattern of thinking and the emotions which go with it.

There are many therapists out there but you need to make the first step and reach out to one of them. Search for one in your area and do a little research on them and if you feel comfortable enough make the appointment.

In a later post I will talk about feeling as if there is no point. While it is applicable here it can also branch in directions you may not expect.

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Suicide how to

The title may shock some people but it shouldn’t. If you are feeling suicidal then you may be looking for safe and certain ways to do it. If you are one of these people looking for a way then you need to ask why. Why do I feel this way?

Before I continue let me say you are not alone and with the right help you can put this behind you.

Even If you’re worried you’re psychotic or going through psychosis and the odds are that you’re not as the worldwide incidence of schizophrenia is 1%. Even if you were there is help available that can make your life better long term. There is a big difference between voices telling you to do things and the self-dialog we have in our own minds but in heightened emotional states we can wonder and if we are depressed this can warp our thinking. If you are worried seek help and that will be your first step to a better life.

If you’re depressed you may not want to die but you may want it to end. The end result is the same but the way you think about it is different. You may wake up in the morning and feel pain because it is all too much. Another day in what seems like an endless repetition in pain. For others is just a feeling of hopelessness and for others no feeling at all.

Depression is something we see a lot of in hypnotherapy and we have a high success rate in helping people. If you’re thinking “I have too many things wrong with me nobody can help” then that is something we hear a lot off. If we use a mental image or metaphor of an onion, let’s say the onion is your problems. We work with the biggest shell first and work inwards tackling one thing at a time.

If you would be interested in talking then you can ring for an appointment here or with a therapist nearby. If you call here our first meeting will be a consultation where we can talk and work out how best to help you. This is usually within 4-6 sessions. It’s a safe bet we have heard a similar story and we do not judge we only help. For more information on hypnosis see our home page Dun Laoghaire Hypnosis.

If your still think that the people in my life would be better off if you were no longer around, that it would be a shock but they will get over it and I won’t be a burden to anyone anymore. You’re wrong! We treat people who are so torn apart by guilt at what has happened, why didn’t they see it coming, what if I had done something differently. If I only listened, maybe it’s my fault; I must be a bad person. The list goes on!

One more time, lean on them and be clear in what you tell them. For example “I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused, I can’t go on much longer I need help. Will you help me finding the help I need”. Change this but be clear and if you need to say I’m sorry say it, as it has an effect on the listener.

If you have nobody to lean on then don’t wait, search for a certified therapist in your area and make the earliest appointment. We see the changes in people all the time; unfortunately this is all too common in our practices. There is hope and there are people who care and I can guarantee you that because I’m one of them.

Angry all the time

We have spoken about snapping at people and some of the reasons this may happen. You can read more on that in the post How to stop snapping at people.  If you are feeling angry during your day you will need to see if this is justified or if the anger seems to be bubbling underneath all the time.

Say for example you go into work and you’re angry during the day and you hate the place and maybe some of the people. You will need to look at that way in a calm detached way. Does the job create something you fundamentally disagree with? Do they promote something that just sits wrong with you? Has the staff or management treated you unfairly or to the point of bullying?

You see where I’m going with this, is there a logical reason why you feel this way. If not, we will look at that lower down. But say there is, if it’s related to your morals it may be time to think of a change. If you can’t then you will need to look at the positives, maybe write a list. For example this job puts food on the table for my family; it pays the pills and keeps a roof over your head etc.

If you have an issue, say your manager dropped you in it or should have taken your side when they didn’t. In truth they may have done something once and it may have been bad but if you keep reliving it with feeling then you’re doing it to yourself. Ask the question, is it hurting them or you? It’s you so you need to be able to let that go which will feel like a weight of your shoulders.

In hypnosis we can help you offload that anger and help you relax so not only do you feel better in the same situation but throughout your day.

If on the other hand your anger is just always present there may be a deeper reason for this. As human beings we run of a programme that starts the day we are born until the day we die. If you have unresolved issues even from an early age they can follow you and cloud your judgement. Have you heard of rose tinted glasses, when imagine the reverse. It may be how you see life or how you see yourself. Either way hypnosis can help, by finding the root of the problem and desensitising it. This is a process and takes on average between 4 and 6 sessions. For more look at our home page Dun Laoghaire Hypnosis.

What is hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy and why does it work. Very briefly hypnotherapy quiets the conscious mind and allows us to give positive suggestions directly to the subconscious mind. We can break or change negative habits and replace them with positive habits that you the client want.

We also can determine the root cause of a problem and desensitise and if need be reframe the problem.  When you understand how the mind works it all begins to make sense and you can see how the mind can create problems.

Panic attacks for example can cause a person to withdraw more and more from life until the only place they feel safe is at home and sometimes not even there. The mind is seeing danger in situations and scenarios where no danger exists.  When the mind interprets danger it tries to protect you by creating these feelings.

Through hypnosis we can rebalance the reaction to the event and so much more. Depression & Anxiety is another example where thoughts can become unbalanced and usually between 4 -6 sessions through hypnosis this can be significantly reduced or removed.

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