Changing Negative Thoughts with Hypnosis

How to Change Negative thoughts with Hypnosis

There are many programs out there with many techniques to change how you think. Some are good and some are completely rubbish. As a clinical hypnotist I want to get to the reason and go from there.

It might be real, or it might be imagined, or it could be your perception on an event from your past causing you problems. If you believe it then its real for you. However, it affects you is how we deal with the problem.

No matter the cause or the severity we can help. We help you see it differently by reframing it for you or changing what it means to you. There are techniques and we tailor them to suit you. Most times its between 3 and 4 sessions, maybe 6 for traumatic events.

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In response to external influences, people create beliefs. Some of these are helpful and some are not so helpful. Several assumptions that can interfere with self-confidence and positive ways of thinking are:

I must always be successful at every challenge that I undertake. Well this assumption is a totally unrealistic. In life each person has his strengths and his weaknesses and while it is important to learn to do the best it is more important to learn to accept yourself as being human. Let yourself feel good about what you are good at, accept the fact that you do not know everything, and you do not need to.

I must be perfect, and loved by everyone, and satisfy everyone. Again, this assumption is a totally unrealistic assumption. All human beings are less than perfect. It is well advised to develop personal standards and values that are not very dependent on the approval of other people.

Everything that happened to me in the past remains in control of my feelings and behaviours in the present. While it is true that your confidence was especially vulnerable to external influences when you were a child as you gain maturity appreciation and point of view on what those influences have been.

In doing so, you can choose which influences you will continue to allow to influence your life. You do not have to be helpless based on what happened in the past

If you would be interested but unsure why not try our Guided Relaxation through Hypnosis session so you can experience hypnosis without telling us any personal information. It’s a great way to start and everyone could benefit from some relaxation.