Fear of flying

Fear of flying goes much deeper.

There are many names for it and most are incorrect for our purposes here. If you look at aerophobia which many say is a fear of flying it’s actually an abnormal fear of drafts of air, gases, or airborne matter. So there is no point getting bogged down in definitions.

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If you suffer from flying you can nearly always break it down into 2 categories. You believe the plane will crash into the land or sea and if you survive you will have horrible injuries. That also includes take offs and landings. Or you fear not being able to get of the plan.

Since flying is the safest modes of transport you would have to figure out where this fear comes from. Have you had a personal experience or maybe someone you know? Did television footage of a real crash affect you in some way? Or was it a movie that got under your skin and your mind has done the rest.

Most people underestimate what effect movies have on us. If you think of a good film for you, you follow the characters, you get involved in there story and you feel the emotions. An idea plus strong or intense emotion can create links in our sub conscience.

Through hypnosis we can find the reason for the fear of flying and desensitize the memory and help re-frame the memory. To find out more about hypnosis see our home page, Dublin Hypnosis Dun Laoghaire.

If like many you hate the thoughts of being stuck in those small seats, strapped in with nowhere to go you could be looking at claustrophobia. You may want to read this article on Claustrophobia The fear of being confined.

If you think about it, you back bags and put them into cars, buses or taxis. Then you enter a secured building with long corridors with no exits unless it’s an emergency. It may be too hot, the lights to bright.

Then you queue up; maybe multiple times to board a small cylinder type shape to be told to sit, put your belt on. When that door closes you’re trapped with nowhere to go.

Does that sound like a pleasant experience to you? It’s no wonder some people are afraid to fly. Thankfully there are ways to reduce or remove these feelings.

If it doesn’t bother you that much why not try our guided relaxation through hypnosis session. Relieve stress and unwind…

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