Panic Attacks in the Heat

As I write this Ireland is in the middle of a heat wave and while some people love it others struggle. So while some people are going around with their shirts off and lapping in every ray they can others feel as if the heat is confining and oppressive. Almost as if the air had a thickness making them feel closed in.

To make it worse the air itself is hot so when you want freshness all you get is cloying heat. I know it’s easy to say some people are never happy, it’s too hot, it’s too cold etc. but we are all different and we like and feel comfortable in different environments.

Problems can arise if you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety as these conditions can make you feel closed in and trapped. The same would apply if you are claustrophobic but if you examine any of them it comes down to a feeling of being out of control.

Before I give you some tips what you need to do is to see someone to remove the problem once and for all. I’m speaking from experience and I went down the medication route and finally got help through hypnotherapy. It’s one of the reasons why I trained as a hypnotherapist, so I could help others.

I know some people try to help but when they tell you they know how you feel and you know they haven’t got a clue it can be maddening (I’m being polite).

To get rid of most of these problems it will involve an intake, a meeting where we get all the details and then 4 to 6 therapeutic sessions. With Irish Hypnosis Dun Laoghaire each session is paid on the day so no lump payment is required. Call us and see what we can do for you!

OK, until you get help you will still need to get from A to B so how can you do that. For me air conditioning made a big difference but if you don’t have it or even if you do having a cold drink with you can help.

Put it in the fridge the night before and take it with you when you leave. If need be you can put it to your forehead or the back of your neck. This can help as it can trigger a drowning reflex (sounds promising I know) this can slow your heart rate so helps with one of the common symptoms.

Plan your route so if you feel unwell you know where you can go or even sit on a bench or wall and drink your drink, do something on your phone and most people won’t even look twice at you.

Ill post a mindfulness video of a technique that can help but the these are just ways to deal with a problem. The best way is to get rid of the problem in the first place. Then all you have to deal with is family, friends, relationships, work, I think I’ll stop there! In other words we have enough going on without panic attacks.

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