Feeling Down all the Time

As humans we have emotions and if we look at periods of our lives we can see we have good and bad patches. Now if you examine any patch good or bad and to use the expression “put it under a microscope” you will find you had good and bad things happen to you.

In other words our emotions are going to rise and fall and sometimes it’s like a rollercoaster, climbing – climbing – climbing to be followed by a white knuckle plummet and this is normal. If we are wise we learn from our mistakes and bad luck as well as from our successes and good luck.

Unfortunately we can get stuck in a pattern where we perceive that it’s all negative or bad. This can just be a negative pattern of thinking, not only is my glass half empty but it also has a crack.

Just for a moment think back to your childhood, was one or both of your parents or guardians a negative thinker? Did they put you down “for your on good” to motivate you? Maybe, maybe not!

Did you have or still have an over powering friend or relationship? For more see, Can’t let go of a relationship. You get the idea of where to look in your past or maybe did you do something you’re not proud off? You would be amazed how many people’s lives can be affected and destroyed over some of these things.

In hypnotherapy we help people forgive themselves all the time and this just unloads so much pressure and weight from their shoulders. We also help people change by desensitising past events and help you change the meaning of them which changes the emotion which comes from the memory.

You have the right to be happy and have a great live, yes there will be falls and knocks but that’s life. I’m going to quote a film, Batman begins – Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up!

I love that way of thinking and I think a great lesson for children.

Look around at children, they fall and get back up. They might cry and act as if there dying and then they are of running again. So maybe it’s time to follow suit, leave the past where it is, if you need help then we can help you. Call to book an appointment!

If you could start afresh tomorrow morning and just see the world differently, what would it be like? Feeling good inside, looking forward to something. If you felt that way would your future look brighter, of course it would. So you need to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

If you think my life is bad but if I try to change it might get worse, flip it around and think if I don’t change what it will cost me. Think about prolonged unhappiness, worry, feeling down, could this lead to anxiety and depression. You are too special too important for that type of life. There is only one of you among billions, that’s unique! There are ways to change, find one that works for you and live the life you want.

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