Can you Cure Phobias with Hypnosis?

Yes, you can cure Phobias with Hypnosis

After anxiety and depression phobias would be the next common problem clients come to me with. There are far too many phobias to list, some overlapping symptoms, some seeming the same and others still in question.

It doesn’t matter what their called, what matters is how they are affecting you and where the problem is coming from. Many clients come to me and say they know exactly where the problem is coming from but what they remember is the first time the phobia caused them a problem.

Most phobias come down to a feeling of lack of control and for most of us that feeling goes back a long way. Think about your phobia, do you feel in control?

A phobia is an irrational, persistent fear of a certain object or situation. There are several different forms of a phobia. A phobia can be a fear of something specific such as flying or a social phobia which causes an individual to feel anxiety about a social situation. Examples of a specific phobia may involve a fear of small animals, closed in spaces and snakes. Social phobias would be a fear of giving a speech, talking to the boss or meeting new people.

It is estimated that over five percent of the population has one or more clinically diagnosed phobias. A phobia usually begins in childhood and continues into adulthood. Some phobias, if left untreated, can debilitate a person. For example, someone with agoraphobia, a fear of the outside world, is unable to leave their house. It is important to deal with a phobia head on in order to rid yourself of your fear. Hypnosis is a proven method to cure phobias.

Hypnosis is a process that introduces positive suggestions into the subconscious mind of an individual. A deep state of relation is induced in which the subconscious mind is the most receptive to new perspectives and ideas. As the positive perspectives and ideas are introduced the client, undergoing hypnosis, will receive motivational encouragement, confidence building statements and a direct plan for curing a phobia.

The new ideas that are introduced into the subconscious mind cause a person to form healthier beliefs, values and habitual thinking patterns. An individual no longer has to live with their phobia. A phobia takes control of a person’s life. Regain the control back by using hypnosis to cure phobias.

An individual who has undergone hypnosis will experience other additional health benefits. Clients have found that hypnosis calms the nerves, the mind and the entire body. Hypnosis releases stress and alleviates anxiety. The positive ideas and perspectives that an individual receives build self-esteem and boost confidence. Hypnosis has a positive effect on every aspect of a person’s life. This is a safe, gentle and positive process that can be used by both teenagers and adults.

Stop living in fear. Hypnosis has the power to cure your phobia. If you want to rid yourself of your phobia then I recommend, as a practicing hypnotherapist, that you visit with a qualified hypnotherapist located in your area. Hypnosis can lead to a happier and healthier existence that is phobia free.

If you have any questions about your phobia or Hypnosis please call for more information or see our home page, Dublin Hypnosis Dun Laoghaire.

If you would be interested but unsure why not try our Guided Relaxation through Hypnosis session so you can experience hypnosis without telling us any personal information. It’s a great way to start and everyone could benefit from some relaxation.

Panic Attacks in the Heat

As I write this Ireland is in the middle of a heat wave and while some people love it others struggle. So while some people are going around with their shirts off and lapping in every ray they can others feel as if the heat is confining and oppressive. Almost as if the air had a thickness making them feel closed in.

To make it worse the air itself is hot so when you want freshness all you get is cloying heat. I know it’s easy to say some people are never happy, it’s too hot, it’s too cold etc. but we are all different and we like and feel comfortable in different environments.

Problems can arise if you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety as these conditions can make you feel closed in and trapped. The same would apply if you are claustrophobic but if you examine any of them it comes down to a feeling of being out of control.

Before I give you some tips what you need to do is to see someone to remove the problem once and for all. I’m speaking from experience and I went down the medication route and finally got help through hypnotherapy. It’s one of the reasons why I trained as a hypnotherapist, so I could help others.

I know some people try to help but when they tell you they know how you feel and you know they haven’t got a clue it can be maddening (I’m being polite).

To get rid of most of these problems it will involve an intake, a meeting where we get all the details and then 4 to 6 therapeutic sessions. With Irish Hypnosis Dun Laoghaire each session is paid on the day so no lump payment is required. Call us and see what we can do for you!

OK, until you get help you will still need to get from A to B so how can you do that. For me air conditioning made a big difference but if you don’t have it or even if you do having a cold drink with you can help.

Put it in the fridge the night before and take it with you when you leave. If need be you can put it to your forehead or the back of your neck. This can help as it can trigger a drowning reflex (sounds promising I know) this can slow your heart rate so helps with one of the common symptoms.

Plan your route so if you feel unwell you know where you can go or even sit on a bench or wall and drink your drink, do something on your phone and most people won’t even look twice at you.

Ill post a mindfulness video of a technique that can help but the these are just ways to deal with a problem. The best way is to get rid of the problem in the first place. Then all you have to deal with is family, friends, relationships, work, I think I’ll stop there! In other words we have enough going on without panic attacks.