All or nothing thinking

As you can see in the other post the way we think or perceive things affects what we do, how we do it and when we interact with other people the outcome from that. So if you know someone who is an all or nothing person or black and white thinker or maybe it’s you, what does this cost you?

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Well let’s take a simple relationship, if you think this way, well when you put forward an idea your idea is right. You wouldn’t waste your time putting forward an idea that’s wrong so the simple intelligent thing for others to do is to do it your way. Anyone one with have a brain could see that, it’s not complicated.

Now how would you feel if you or someone who thought that way was told no, I know I much better way of doing it. Can you imagine the challenge that person feels now? What if it’s a loved one? When you see life in black and white or absolutes a simple discussion about directions can lead into a major augment. They may get angry or hurt and the other person is just taken aback at something they place no importance on looking at what can look like a hissy fit.

You just embarrassed me in front of our friends, how dare you try to make me look foolish in front of them. The common reply is, you don’t need me to make you look like that. It can be very difficult to live with someone who is like this but it can also be hard to live with others when you feel this way. But the question always comes back to why do I feel this way. Why does it have to be black or white, this way or the highway.

There can be a few answers but if you examine it, why is it so bad to be wrong? If you’re wrong why are you always wrong? Why get angry or hurt when someone wants to do it a different way?

What happened in your life, early childhood that would cause these feelings? Where you made to feel wrong or stupid? Was this the way it was between your parents so what you became used to. If not keep asking until you find some answers.

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