End Stress and feel Happy

Its not hard to think that we have to strive for something to make us happy. Wheather its a new relaxation technique or enlightenment course but the truth is very simple. Maybe that’s the problem, in this life we seem to like the hidden, the mysterious.

If I was to tell you about this 2 thousand year old technique that helped bring enlightenment to an ancient and wise people but the information was only for the elite and that’s how it was lost over time but now it has been rediscovered. The good news its only bla bla bla and you too can find happiness.

Id know id make sales because I’m marketing in a way that would give you hope but only if you buy the product. You want something, I can supply it for a price.

I want you to think about a time that you were really happy. Maybe with your parents or your own children. Maybe out with your friends when you were distracted by them or the fun you were having. Did you need anything to be happy?

No, when all the baggage we carry was forgotten we were happy. So maybe we shouldn’t spend our lives looking outwards but inwards. What is making you unhappy? Well if you get rid of what makes you unhappy what would that leave you feeling?

If your one of those people that will say but what makes me unhappy is something I have to do then maybe you need to take a closer look at that or choose to look at it from a different angle. Our emotions are perceived reactions to stimulus.

If your late and the car in front of you is going to slow then their an idiot, to them your the mad person up their bumper. There are many examples of how people see the same situation differently from their own perspectives. In other words, when you see it differently you feel different.

Sometimes this can be difficult to workout by yourself if the pain is from a long time ago but with hypnosis its not hard and if you want the change and will work with the therapist then is relatively quick.

Even for something like depression its only around six sessions so if its only something small but has you going in circles it may only be one or two sessions. For more see our home page Dun Laoghaire Hypnosis.

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