Why and how to Relax

A Simple way to Relax

How to Relax? As I have said in a previous post some methods of relaxing are far to specific and complicated. Its all well and good going around and trying to be centered and level. Not experiences the lows and worries of life, staying at the even keel. But what about the highs, what about joy, emotional or physical.

There are other programs which act as a band aid and can work as long as things go well. They seem to fall apart when your sick and at your lowest. When your mental stamina is low the cracks appear because the problem is still there.

If you have a problem that is causing you prolonged stress, then you need to get the problem resolved for your own mental and physical health. There are many types of therapies so have a look in your area.

If you need to just relax or come down from a high level, then you can try this. But first why does it work? In many therapies they will ask you to take a deep breath, fill up your lungs then exhale. If you try this and really do it, you will notice your body expands and your head will rise. When you exhale as much as you can you body contracts and you drop down.

How to Relax

This creates chemical changes in the brain and there are many studies that show this. You will also have a physical behaviour when your stressed. You will hold yourself in a certain way. When you use this breathing pattern, you change the association in your mind.

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Simple Way To Relax

So, take a deep breath, fill up your lungs, hold it for a few seconds and release all of it and allow your body to drop or sink with it. Then repeat as needed. Simple!

Yes, it’s simple, but will you try it, probably not. Why is that? Have you been told its more complicated and you only need to buy this, whatever and your cured.

With this you help change the stress hormone levels, you break a physical association with the stress, you increase the oxygen levels, and you will feel yourself dropping down.

If you have an underlying problem get help, if your just stressed in a situation try this. Sometimes simple works.

If you need to talk to someone about sexual abuse try the Irish Rape Network.

End Stress and feel Happy

Its not hard to think that we have to strive for something to make us happy. Wheather its a new relaxation technique or enlightenment course but the truth is very simple. Maybe that’s the problem, in this life we seem to like the hidden, the mysterious.

If I was to tell you about this 2 thousand year old technique that helped bring enlightenment to an ancient and wise people but the information was only for the elite and that’s how it was lost over time but now it has been rediscovered. The good news its only bla bla bla and you too can find happiness.

Id know id make sales because I’m marketing in a way that would give you hope but only if you buy the product. You want something, I can supply it for a price.

I want you to think about a time that you were really happy. Maybe with your parents or your own children. Maybe out with your friends when you were distracted by them or the fun you were having. Did you need anything to be happy?

No, when all the baggage we carry was forgotten we were happy. So maybe we shouldn’t spend our lives looking outwards but inwards. What is making you unhappy? Well if you get rid of what makes you unhappy what would that leave you feeling?

If your one of those people that will say but what makes me unhappy is something I have to do then maybe you need to take a closer look at that or choose to look at it from a different angle. Our emotions are perceived reactions to stimulus.

If your late and the car in front of you is going to slow then their an idiot, to them your the mad person up their bumper. There are many examples of how people see the same situation differently from their own perspectives. In other words, when you see it differently you feel different.

Sometimes this can be difficult to workout by yourself if the pain is from a long time ago but with hypnosis its not hard and if you want the change and will work with the therapist then is relatively quick.

Even for something like depression its only around six sessions so if its only something small but has you going in circles it may only be one or two sessions. For more see our home page Dun Laoghaire Hypnosis.

Angry all the time

We have spoken about snapping at people and some of the reasons this may happen. You can read more on that in the post How to stop snapping at people.  If you are feeling angry during your day you will need to see if this is justified or if the anger seems to be bubbling underneath all the time.

Say for example you go into work and you’re angry during the day and you hate the place and maybe some of the people. You will need to look at that way in a calm detached way. Does the job create something you fundamentally disagree with? Do they promote something that just sits wrong with you? Has the staff or management treated you unfairly or to the point of bullying?

You see where I’m going with this, is there a logical reason why you feel this way. If not, we will look at that lower down. But say there is, if it’s related to your morals it may be time to think of a change. If you can’t then you will need to look at the positives, maybe write a list. For example this job puts food on the table for my family; it pays the pills and keeps a roof over your head etc.

If you have an issue, say your manager dropped you in it or should have taken your side when they didn’t. In truth they may have done something once and it may have been bad but if you keep reliving it with feeling then you’re doing it to yourself. Ask the question, is it hurting them or you? It’s you so you need to be able to let that go which will feel like a weight of your shoulders.

In hypnosis we can help you offload that anger and help you relax so not only do you feel better in the same situation but throughout your day.

If on the other hand your anger is just always present there may be a deeper reason for this. As human beings we run of a programme that starts the day we are born until the day we die. If you have unresolved issues even from an early age they can follow you and cloud your judgement. Have you heard of rose tinted glasses, when imagine the reverse. It may be how you see life or how you see yourself. Either way hypnosis can help, by finding the root of the problem and desensitising it. This is a process and takes on average between 4 and 6 sessions. For more look at our home page Dun Laoghaire Hypnosis.

How to stop snapping at people

If you find yourself snapping at people on rare occasions I wouldn’t worry too much. Life happens to all of us and we can have bad days. These can be caused by ill health like a cold or flu. Lack of sleep can also have adverse effects on us and then of course life can seem to throw obstacles at us.

Theses should be short lived and forgotten unless you need to make an apology. If so make your apology and then forget about it and let it go.

If on the other hand it seems to be constant then you need to examine it closer. If it’s happening with your partner, see can you see any patterns. For example, are you having a good day, looking forward to seeing him then when he walks in the door and you see his face it just overtakes you. This works exactly the same if you reverse the sexes or same sex.

Sometimes when we have heated arguments over a period of time we can create patterns. I’m angry (a heightened state of emotion) I see his face and it happens again and again and again. We can create a pattern so as above your having a great day and you see his face and the next thing you know you’re arguing again.

In hypnosis we can use what we call anger release and forgiveness to help you overcome the built up anger towards someone. This only requires you as the work is done in your mind. This also works for ex-relationships or where you were treated badly in your past. You know those situations where you relive a negative event or keep asking why and try to figure it out again and again.

If this relates to you give us a call and let the anger go. If this does not match your situation I will posting other scenarios that may help you. If you are worried call and if nothing else we can try to put your mind at ease. Find more information when you visit our home page Dun Laoghaire Hypnosis

Stress relief with hypnosis

Stress affects everybody on a daily basis and is a normal part of life. For most of us stress starts when we wake thinking about what we have to do and to get it done within a certain time frame.

call now for stress relief with hypnosis!

Maybe we have something to do that we don’t want to do, maybe a phone call that your dreading.

Maybe its just the drudge of the same routine that you feel like you have to do, almost like a prisoner.

When you feel this way plus a host of different ways we can make small problems feel like they’re mountains.

You put a run in your tights, you cut yourself shaving. You spill something while making breakfast!  Lets face it, all small things but how many of us curse, get angry and even feel hopeless?

Not to mention who moved your keys! The traffic, idiots who should not have a licence. Bus/luas being late or packed. Your not even in work and if you have children to get ready…

If I stub my toe getting out of bed I have 2 choices, hop and get angry and let that shape my day or hop and good naturedly slag yourself or the bed for moving and let it go.

You have both choices but which do you choose. For some people making mistakes shacks their confidence and they can feel worthless and maybe angry. Yet the ability to walk and talk comes from countless mistakes till you mastered it.

For others they may feel they have to say yes to everybody (including family and friends) which puts to much of a pull on them and they start snapping at the small things.

That’s just 2 examples so for you it may be different but no matter what it is there are ways to see differently and to let go. We are running on a programme from our childhood and past experiences whether you know it or not. Its not your fault and it can be changed.

If you would like to know more on what hypnosis for stress relief can do for you Call now and set yourself free. Or read more about  Dun Laoghaire hypnosis.