Feeling down in Dublin Dun Laoghaire

Always Feeling down in Dublin Dun Laoghaire

It’s true you can feel down anywhere in the world but since I work in Dun Laoghaire Dublin I generally only see people from the area. First of all its ok to feel down sometimes, it’s a completely natural process.

We are bombarded with information about being positive and upbeat and don’t forget to set your goals! Yes they are all positive things! Yes you should do them but if something has gone wrong and you feel down, well that’s ok.

If someone you know or love has either passed away or is very sick this can make you feel down. Maybe your job is not the job you want to be doing for the next 20 years this can make you feel down. If you have reached an age where you look at your achievements and prospects and think how did I get here you may feel down. Especially if its not what you want.

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Are you Feeling Down in Dublin Dun Laoghaire?

What does this tell you? Feeling down is ok, felling down is a natural state at times. Now if you examine it further you can see that feeling down is a sign or alarm to make you aware that something needs to change.

It’s not possible to change everything especially around death but even here there are things we can do to improve how we feel about it. If you’re not happy with your job then you need to look for another one. Yes you may need to train to get a further qualification but maybe this can be done at night or online.

If it’s your relationship then you need to look to improve it. What did you both do when you felt the love? What did you do at the beginning of the relationship? If you can improve it, well then you need to ask the tough questions.

Even when it comes to death you can make changes. I see a lot of people for this and many times it comes down to perceived guilt. Whether the guilt is real or imagined as long as you perceive it to be true you will feel it. This can be difficult for people to overcome by themselves and can haunt people for years.  For more information see our home page Hypnosis Dun Laoghaire Dublin.

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