How to stop snapping at people

If you find yourself snapping at people on rare occasions I wouldn’t worry too much. Life happens to all of us and we can have bad days. These can be caused by ill health like a cold or flu. Lack of sleep can also have adverse effects on us and then of course life can seem to throw obstacles at us.

Theses should be short lived and forgotten unless you need to make an apology. If so make your apology and then forget about it and let it go.

If on the other hand it seems to be constant then you need to examine it closer. If it’s happening with your partner, see can you see any patterns. For example, are you having a good day, looking forward to seeing him then when he walks in the door and you see his face it just overtakes you. This works exactly the same if you reverse the sexes or same sex.

Sometimes when we have heated arguments over a period of time we can create patterns. I’m angry (a heightened state of emotion) I see his face and it happens again and again and again. We can create a pattern so as above your having a great day and you see his face and the next thing you know you’re arguing again.

In hypnosis we can use what we call anger release and forgiveness to help you overcome the built up anger towards someone. This only requires you as the work is done in your mind. This also works for ex-relationships or where you were treated badly in your past. You know those situations where you relive a negative event or keep asking why and try to figure it out again and again.

If this relates to you give us a call and let the anger go. If this does not match your situation I will posting other scenarios that may help you. If you are worried call and if nothing else we can try to put your mind at ease. Find more information when you visit our home page Dun Laoghaire Hypnosis

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