Stress relief with hypnosis

Stress affects everybody on a daily basis and is a normal part of life. For most of us stress starts when we wake thinking about what we have to do and to get it done within a certain time frame.

call now for stress relief with hypnosis!

Maybe we have something to do that we don’t want to do, maybe a phone call that your dreading.

Maybe its just the drudge of the same routine that you feel like you have to do, almost like a prisoner.

When you feel this way plus a host of different ways we can make small problems feel like they’re mountains.

You put a run in your tights, you cut yourself shaving. You spill something while making breakfast!  Lets face it, all small things but how many of us curse, get angry and even feel hopeless?

Not to mention who moved your keys! The traffic, idiots who should not have a licence. Bus/luas being late or packed. Your not even in work and if you have children to get ready…

If I stub my toe getting out of bed I have 2 choices, hop and get angry and let that shape my day or hop and good naturedly slag yourself or the bed for moving and let it go.

You have both choices but which do you choose. For some people making mistakes shacks their confidence and they can feel worthless and maybe angry. Yet the ability to walk and talk comes from countless mistakes till you mastered it.

For others they may feel they have to say yes to everybody (including family and friends) which puts to much of a pull on them and they start snapping at the small things.

That’s just 2 examples so for you it may be different but no matter what it is there are ways to see differently and to let go. We are running on a programme from our childhood and past experiences whether you know it or not. Its not your fault and it can be changed.

If you would like to know more on what hypnosis for stress relief can do for you Call now and set yourself free. Or read more about  Dun Laoghaire hypnosis.

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